5 Best Exercises for Hips

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A hip exercise is an exercise that targets the hips, it consists of a series of movements involving small movements on the thighs, knees, and hips. This helps strengthen your core muscles which are often seen as weak in most people due to sitting on their butt all day at work or at home, strengthening and toning the muscle around your hips area will improve stability and flexibility, as well as prevent injury.

Exercises are important for overall health-related reasons that have to do with performance at work or in everyday activities, people who exercise often are tends to be stronger, healthier and happier. Learn about 5 hip exercises that you can do at home  and  doesn’t required much equipment or space

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Best Exercises for Hips

Here are the best exercises you can do to get a wider hips and they are very easy to do

1. Squat Jump

exerciseSquat jumps can be good for your hips and the rest of your body in general for starters, squats are a compound movement that can be done with any weight in your hands or on your back. They work the large muscles of all the lower body and strengthen those muscles with no risk of injury.

2. Star Jump

exerciseHip exercises are a great way to add some variety to your daily workouts in the Star Jump, you stand on one leg and then jump up and down with your arms stretched out in front of you. This is great for beginners because it increases strength and flexibility without any risk of injury.

3. 1-Legged Squat Drop

exerciseThis is one of the most effective exercises you can do to strengthen your hips, back and core, it involves balancing on one leg with your foot on the ground and squats down while keeping your arms by your side.

4. Knee Lifts

exerciseKnee lifts are an effective way to improve mobility in the hip and it is to strengthen the whole leg, which will help you walk, run, and perform other activities. A good way to start with this is to grab the back of your knee with one hand and lift it up, you want to make sure you are not holding onto the kneecap.

5. Plank with Leg Lift

exerciseThe planks with leg lift are a great way to work your hip abductors muscle and  this is a simple ways that  can strengthens your hips, improves your balance, and helps increase body awareness. It is performed by lying on one’s stomach on a mat and lifting one leg up, extending it as far as you can, then lowering it back down.

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Conclusion: Start Using a Hip Exercise Today if You Want To Live A Healthy

The hip exercise that should be used today is the plank, it is a simple  one that strengthen the muscles in your abs, but also other muscle groups.

This article focuses on why you should start using hip exercises today if you want to live a healthy life, the hips are an important part of our body and it’s necessary for people to make sure they are exercising them properly while also getting the best results possible.

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