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Running is a sport that has been around since the ancient times and many people are beginning to think of it as a healthy activity. But why do we need to run? There’s no doubt about it – exercise is beneficial for your physical and mental well-being and even your social life, It is up to you to decide what you want from your running as long as it benefits you in some way or another.

People often think that exercising tires them out. However, it’s the opposite, the benefits of exercise are so important that they should be recognized by people with mental health issues too.

It’s not easy to find the time to exercise and manage your stress levels at the same time. However, some running routines can actually help even those with mental health issues.

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Great Health Benefits of Running 

The benefits of running for fitness are endless, but there are some common ones that we might want to focus on more than others depending on our age group or personal interests.

1.    Improves Heart Rate

runningIt is an effective way for our heart to get in shape, it also releases endorphins which make us feel happy. It can also help clear our minds and make us more productive in the long term.

A sudden increase in heart rate will help get your blood pumping more oxygenated blood to all parts of the body.

2.    Helps in Improving Mood

runningRunning has a variety of benefits for your mood, people with depression often resort to running as a means of improving their mental health.

When you run, particularly on an empty stomach, you release endorphins into the bloodstream that make you feel happy and less anxious.

3.    Builds strong bones

Running has a lot of benefits, but one of the most important is it strengthens your bones. Experiments have shown that running can lead to a 3% increase in bone density over the course of 12-18 months, which can help prevent the development of osteoporosis and fractures.

4.    Improves Mental Health

runningRunning has been proven to improve mental health, body image and self-esteem, it also helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Research has shown that runners can experience an improved sense of happiness and optimism with consistent running.

5.    Improves Cardiovascular Health

Running has been proven to improve cardiovascular health and lower the risk of heart disease by lowering triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in the body. Research has shown that it is also beneficial for people with ADHD because it is a form of aerobic exercise that trains them to focus on breathing instead of their thoughts.

6.    Lose Weight

runningRunning is a great way to lose weight, it has been scientifically proven to increase your metabolism and help you burn calories. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, it can provide significant health benefits in the long-term.

It can also save time and money on other fitness programs such as cycling, swimming or aerobics by giving you the whole body workout needed to build muscle.

7.    Increased Energy

Running isn’t just one of the best and most efficient ways to stay in shape, it also gives you a powerful boost of mental energy. When you’re running, your brain is forced to release feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine which help with concentration and focus.

8.    Improves Sleep Quality

runningIt helps to sleep better because it reduces the stress you may have from the day, it also burns calories and boosts your mood, making it easier to fall asleep at night. Furthermore, if you run on a consistent basis, you will see improvements in your physical health and mental wellbeing.

9.   Increased Mental Acuity

It is a great way to improve mental acuity, it strengthens the cognitive abilities such as focus and cognition, while also improving physical coordination. In addition to the brain benefits, it can help reduce stress and anxiety.

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Conclusion: Start Running Today for More Motivation & Improved Health

It is important for us to understand the impact of running on our body and mind at an early age. If we start routine as kids, we will stay motivated throughout our life to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I want to encourage you to start running, this may seem like an easy thing, but just like the first day of school or the first day at a new job, it can be challenging. The key is to start small and build up your endurance, you don’t have to run a half marathon before you run five miles!

Take small steps such as walking with your family around the neighborhood every day or going for a walk in one of your spare time instead of sitting on the couch. By doing this you are already building up your endurance and will be more motivated than ever to continue running!

This is the only sport that has been shown to increase self-esteem and improve mental health at the same time. The key is to start running today and make it a habit. The more you run, the healthier you’ll be for life.

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