Workout plans is set when you have a goal to achieve, like desiring a perfect body (hourglass shape)  you need to do vigorous exercise to achieve that.

The hourglass shape is created when you reverse the curvature of a cylinder and continue to curve it inward. It is often used in hourglasses, which is why it’s called that name.

The hourglass shape is one of the most beautiful shapes one can have. It has a feminine and elegant appearance, it’s mostly seen on women with long hair. The hourglass is also considered as an icon of fertility and health especially during pregnancy.

The hourglass shape also comes in handy when it comes to photography, film, painting, graphics, textiles and digital art where it’s used to create an image with soft edges that appears three-dimensional.

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What is an Hourglass Shape?

workout planThe hourglass shape is a body shape that is wide at the bottom, narrows around the middle, and widens again at the top. It’s also called the “hourglass body type” because it resembles an hourglass.

Hourglass shapes are more commonly found in women with wide hips and small waists, but they are also seen in men with broad shoulders and slim waists.

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Workout Plans to get an Hourglass Shape

Do one set of each exercise below for 10 minutes to get an hourglass shape. You can repeat the same exercises as many times as you want, but make sure to take a break in between sets.

1.   The Plank – Hold for at least 30 seconds

workout planPlanking is a new fitness craze that has been taking the world by storm that you will find in most personal trainers’ routines. It is a great exercise to tone your waist and core muscles, it’s great for beginners and anyone who wants to strengthen their core areas to get a slimmer waist. To do the Plank, you need to get in a push-up position with your forearms on the ground and your weight on your elbows, Make sure that your back stays straight and in line with the ground and that you don’t raise or lower it.

2.   Side Plank – Hold for at least 30 seconds

workout planSide plank is an exercise that strengthens the arms, back, and core muscles, it is done by lying on your side with your legs straight. Keep your arms extended to the side of the body with elbows bent at 90 degrees, lower yourself toward the floor by bending your upper body to one side while keeping your lower body in a straight line. Hold for 30 seconds, then return back to the starting position.

3.   Crunch – Hold For at Least 30 seconds

workout planCrunch is a type of exercise that can help improve both strength and definition in the abs, crunch exercises are often performed by lying flat on the back with the knees bent. You first perform a crunch, then “crunch up” your abs at the end of the movement before exhaling, for more advanced crunch exercises, you can do them with your feet raised off of the floor.

4.   Knee Up & Input – Hold for at least 10 seconds

workout planThe Knee Up & Input exercise is a move that requires you to lift your knees up, then gradually lower them back down. It can help to burn fat and build strength, but it’s also great for hourglass shaping, so you need to include it in your workout plan.

5.   Star Press – Press Up From Your Hands and Then Jump

workout planIn order to work on developing a beautiful hourglass shape, you must first perform the Star Press exercise, this is one of the workout plan that targets your core muscles and strengthens your back. It will help to build up the muscles that control the movement of your spine and how it bends, this will help with a number of other exercises such as the Plank, Push-up, and Deadlift.

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Conclusion: Start Getting that Healthy & Hourglass Body Today!​

If you are struggling to get that healthy & hourglass body, then it is time to change your lifestyle, it is time to go on a diet and set a workout plan.

With a healthy diet and a regular workout routine, your body will be able to keep up with the demands of life. You can start getting that healthy body today by following these three steps:

–     Drink plenty of water

–      Eat a balanced diet

–     Make sure you get plenty of sleep

–     Set a workout plan

At the end of the day, the best advice for anyone looking to get in shape is to start slowly and have a good workout plan, it could be a week workout plan, 30 day workout plan. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, every time you see a little change in your body, keep going! It’s never too late to get healthy.

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